Amazon Associates 2019 – What’s the Skinny?

Amazon Associates - Ugh! Crap commissions, not worth it! Is Amazon Associates really NOT worth it? Isn't any extra income better than no extra income? Especially, if you already have a trafficked site. This is reasonably easy money from one of the global giants in the eCommerce world. You' be an IDIOT not to add Amazon to your list of Extra Income Solutions. Read on ...


2019 Amazon Associate Review

Review of Amazon Associates

Use: Affiliate Marketing Program

2019 Amazon Associate Review Infographic

Name: Amazon Associates


Price: Affiliates Free

Owners:, Inc

Overall Rank: 27 out of 30 Paws

Take Away:

  1. Commission are low, yes, but the volume may be substantial. It is Amazon after all.
2019 Amazon Associates Review Program

Amazon Associates Review - General Outline

 Amazon launched in 1994 as an online bookstore. Since then, it changed into a global e-commerce giant, located in Seattle. Amazon is more than a retail business. It is more than a technology company. Amazon has expanded to cloud computing. Currently, it is developing A.I. technology.

Amazon creates billions in sales a year. Every year, it sells millions of products. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site in the world. It adapts and changes to achieve the success it experiences. It is a very successful business. But it has an affiliate program.

Does working with the largest e-commerce store in the world interest you? If partnering with the largest e-commerce store in the world interests you? Then let's learn about Amazon Associates.

Take Away:

  1. Amazon is HUGE - you should work with them if you can.
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Describe it - Amazon Associates Review

The program is known as Amazon Associates. Website owners and marketers can join for free. The affiliate sees a product they would like to promote. They create an entry for it on their website. A link is generated for it by Amazon.

The link is unique to the affiliate and product. It is added to the website entry. A reader sees the product and clicks the on it. They are then redirected to Amazon. Here, they decide what to do, dismiss the product or buy it. Amazon tracks the purchase. This gives confidence to the affiliate.

You drive traffic to your website. Hopefully, it converts this traffic into sales. The customer buys the item from Amazon. Amazon takes care of payments, shipping and returns. For new affiliates, this is a good starting program. It is a trustworthy company and has an excellent reputation.

Take Away:

  1. Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose. Amazon has an impeccable reputation for it.

Who may join Amazon Associates?

A global company like Amazon allows anyone to become an associate. One only needs a media presence.

How do I join?

Follow these steps to join the program.

Create your website or blog

Captain Obvious alert! You need a website, blog, application or YouTube channel. An active site or channel with constant traffic is ideal. Bloggers, popular YouTubers and social media influencers with large followings are perfect.

Large audiences, surfing a respected source (the blog), buy products through the sites’ influence. The customer has a relationship with the source (influencer), the source then recommends the product to the customer.

There is no reliance on random customer searches for the product you wish to market to them. The product is placed in front of the customer. Association made between product and influencer usually leads to a wish for the product. The customer’s connection with the influencer results in the product purchase.

Take Away:

  1. Back to a point we have made before in other posts. Your list is the most important part of your business.
  2. A popular well-trafficked website has established a trust relationship between the website and its audience. This is important as it permits your affiliate business to grow and prosper
2019 Amazon Associates Review

Make a visit to the Amazon Associates homepage

This is the first step to create your account and join. Visit the Amazon Associates homepage and click on "Join now for free" button. At this point, you must log in to your existing Amazon account or create one.

Amazon requires a detailed description of your website when applying. Know the following in advance. Expectations are:

  • A firm idea of ​your website's mission statement and purpose.
  • The target audience demographics.
  • How will you drive traffic to your site?

It's time to build your Amazon Associates profile

  1. Once logged in click on "New customer" and create your partner account. Amazon collects details, such as name, address and telephone number of the beneficiary.
  2. Enter the delivery media. The address if it is a website, the name for an application or YouTube channel.
  3. Enter your preferred store identification, usually the same as your website name.
  4. Explain what you hope to achieve with the website.
  5. Select the Amazon themes your links address.
  6. Explain how traffic is driven to your site.
  7. How you use your website? The revenue creation method.
  8. Link creation and the number of visitors your site receives each month.
  9. Enter your phone number and click "Call me now." You will get an Amazon call to confirm your number. Enter a four-digit code of your choosing.
  10. Once complete, congratulations! Amazon should approve your account.
  11. Finally, choose the payment type you want to receive. Entry of tax identification information may occur now or later.
  12. Then go to your control panel

Take Away:

  1. Whilst account creation is easy, you need to think about information Amazon requires ahead of time.
2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Create Amazon Affiliate links

Redirection to your personal associate homepage occurs after account creation. The performance panel includes a summary of earnings, a monthly summary and a total number of clicks.

Next you look for relevant products and link them from their content.

Silk Purse Sows Ear

Making a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear

Low commissions are most often cited major issue with Amazon's affiliate marketing program. Commissions are low but an online juggernaut that delivers on the back-end, supports you and gives peace of mind. Therefore, you decide how you make the best of it. Let’s use Donal’s Amazon Affiliate building plan as an example. A potential blueprint.


We assume that Donal has no website or audience to immediately tap into. Donal loves to embroider but has a fondness for Speed Death Metal. His embroidery club friends do not share his love of metal. He wishes to build a site that highlights his musical love. It begins with finding a website and brand name – he chooses

A designer builds out his website. Donal populates it with instruments and music downloads, CDs and DVDs. If you build it, they will come but they do not come! No, why? After a few weeks of no sales or traffic, Donal is sad and perplexed. He fails to understand the site’s poor performance. Donal brings in Bob, who says he needs Google Analytics on his site. This will help with identifying traffic sources. But needs to increase traffic, especially targeted traffic to the site.

Increase Traffic:

Bob performs search engine optimization (SEO) on Donal's website. Finding keywords that rank Donal's site in Google. He creates band and instrument review sections, telling Donal to write content for each. Google likes fresh well-written interesting keyword specific articles. Bob made sure to optimize each article snippet to rank it. He used Google Search Console to index the page faster.

Honest Reviews:

Donal wasn't sure that he could write review content! He couldn't afford to buy, listen and test every bands' album or distortion pedal on the market. Bob added genuine reviews are best. But understood Donal’s restrictions and recommended viewing product reviews from Amazon verified buyers for the products.

Make a spreadsheet and record what people did and didn't like for the product. Then build his review from there. That way the review was honest and genuine. Create video reviews and upload them to YouTube and other video directory sites. Link back to Write comments and articles in ezines. Post his reviews to social media accounts he created for

Soon the traffic started to flow, readers were commenting positively on Donal's reviews. The YouTube channel was adding subscribers and likes for his videos. The site was ranking on Google. But his Amazon Associates products were not selling. Bob suggested canvassing the user base.

Take Away:

  1. SEO
  2. Honest Reviews
  3. Testing, testing, testing.

Ask the Readers:

The preference is for a trafficked media (website, social media account or YouTube Channel) for an Amazon Associates account. Donal was progressing but, now he took Bob's advice; it was time to survey. Surveying his followers, readers or subscribers, he asked what interested them. They guided Donal to bands and products they wanted reviewed. Keep them happy by giving them what they want.

Improve Conversions:

Now Bob wanted to improve conversion rates. He ensured a mobile friendly website, Donal was running social media advertisements and reviewing what the readers wanted. He started testing different Amazon advertisements and banners. It was important to see which were more effective at converting to sales. Called split-testing, Bob was good at it. Soon, people were buying albums and instruments from Amazon through Donal's website.


Amazon’s low commissions were not an issue. Donal's reader base regularly bought products from his site. They knew it supported their little community. became a hang-out for speed death metal lovers. Bob suggested to Donal to expand to international readers, to generate more revenue. Donal got funny foreign currency checks occasionally, and it was both a pain and costly to cash them.

Bob checked visitor base in Google Analytics and several countries emerged as the most popular: Germany, the UK, Abu Dhabi and Japan. It was time to go international.

Take Away:

  1. Social media engagement is a necessary evil.
  2. Amazon has low commissions.
  3. You need Google Analytics.
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Amazon Associates Programs:

Amazon has 11 different marketplaces and websites throughout the world. Each individual Amazon site had its own unique Amazon Associate's program. Donal signed up for the programs in each of the four countries Bob identified.

Amazon had introduced "OneLink", a piece of code you added to your site. When a foreign customer bought through your site, the transaction completed in local currency on their country. This is fantastic for international readers. It complicated payment matters for Donal. But it made his readers happy. Happy customers meant repeat business and a well-known brand.

Donal found increasing the delivery threshold on his payments meant fewer but larger checks. Rocks!

Donal owned the largest Speed Death Metal website in the world. It ranked number 1 on Google. Anyone who liked this music genre knew of The premier repository for SDM news, interviews, band reviews and products. Donal was making a healthy living from his Amazon Associates account.

Take Away:

  1. Investigate OneLink and use it.
  2. SDM rocks! (joking)
2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Pros and cons:

Amazon's application process is quick and easy. There are no DNA tests, tips or tricks to opening an account. Like all affiliate marketing programs there are pros and cons. Let's look at the pros:


  • World Famous Retailer: Amazon is very popular, widely used and trusted. Buying a product from a little-known website is not something someone does. But, when its Amazon selling the product, this gives the customer peace of mind.
  • Easy and Free to Sign Up: Amazon Associates is FREE. Account creation is simple but a long process. 
  • Largest Selection of Products: Amazon lists 3 Billion products across 11 marketplaces. This provides a lot of products to choose from.
  • Bounty Events: Amazon sells memberships to different parts of its business. You can make small commissions from selling those Amazon memberships.
  • Tracking: Checking your business data is made easy by the control panel. Amazon's proprietary marketing software platform tracks all transactions. Simple to use and understand.
  • Trustworthiness: Amazon protects the interests of affiliates and customers.
  • Large Supply of Professional Advertisement Choices: Amazon supply professionally developed advertisements and banners. No dealing with dodgy images created in mom’s dingy basement. You get beautiful advertisements designed to sell.
  • Low Payment Threshold: Any payment over $10 is deposited in your bank account or as an Amazon gift card. This is one of the lowest threshold payout amounts. If you want a check, the minimum amount is $100.


  • Low commission: Payment rates depend on the product category. Some categories carry higher payments than others.

2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Payment methods: Like most affiliate programs, Amazon caters only to certain payment methods. It does not have a PayPal payment method.
  • 24-hour cookie: If a customer clicks your link, they have 24-hours to buy any products added to their cart. When they buy within the 24-hour window the associate earns a payment. If no transaction occurs within 24 hours. Two results are possible. 

The client later returns to Amazon. One results with the associate earning a commission, the other they does not.

  • (a) the customer leaves items in their cart. They do not clear the cart. An item in the cart must be bought within 90 days to earn credit. The associate earns a commission.
    (b) the customer clears their cart. They return to Amazon and add the products and purchase them. You do not receive the commission. The Amazon 24-hour cookie is the shortest in the business.

2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • International Commission Payouts: The good news is you get paid when a foreign customer buys through your US Amazon account. The bad news is, your credit is created in the nearest Amazon Marketplace, let’s say Your payment is made in sterling. Because of this your only payment methods are a foreign currency check or Amazon gift card. Again issued in sterling. This results in trips to cash foreign currency checks (expect high fees) or using your gift card ... in the issuing marketplace. Payment can be made to a foreign bank account, if the affiliate has one.
  • Support: Today many support departments are annoying chat-bots or "intelligent" knowledge bases. Expect frustration if you wish to speak with a real person to resolve a question or issue. This is the world we live in.

Take Away:

  1. Pros and Cons speak for themselves. You will need to decide if you want to join the Amazon Affiliates program.
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What's the Skinny? Amazon Associates Review

Amazon allows marketers to earn income on billions of products. Nothing restricts you to marketing embroidery best sellers! A customer clicks on an Amazon product link, great commission. But they buy 4 or 5 other products, guess what? You earn commission for them. The purchases were made under your cookie. Bonus!

By getting the customer to Amazon will likely persuade them to buy something. All those sales add up. Amazon's sales and technological know-how supports you. Your just need to drive traffic to the website. Once they click a product, your cookie is put in place.

Support is great,  though usually automated. I use and recommend a product that offers similar support. Amazon won't be closing its virtual doors anytime soon. They have an affiliate program and this should tell you something. It is not going away as a business either.

Is the program perfect? No! Does that mean I will not use it? Hell no! Amazon Associates is a reliable payer with billions of products to promote. It provides customers confidence in their buys, and in my sites. To be successful in online business, I would not ignore any opportunity. I consider opportunities that are NOT illegal, unethical or immoral.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Take Away:

  1. No program is perfect, don't waste time looking for it. Evaluate each programs pros and cons and decide which one you are happy working with.
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