JVZoo Review 2019 – What’s the Skinny?

JVZoo - the "new kid on the block", the rising star in the land of the affiliate giants. But is it a good choice for earning an extra income online? There have been many scam alerts about it, product quality issues etc. Let's look at the JVZoo Review: what is it?, can I trust it? benefits, features, the good, the bad and the ugly. However, on this site we are risk adverse, we are not into scamming people to just get ahead financially so as always ... do you due diligence! Never what I say as gospel, do your own research! Now the review


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Review of JVZoo

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2019 - JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Marketplace Review Infographic

Name: JVZoo

Website: https://www.jvzoo.com

Price: Affiliates Free / Vendors Free

Owners: BBC Systems, Inc.

Overall Rank: 24.5 out of 30 Paws

Take Away:

  1. Up and coming power-house affiliate marketplace, some issues, but something you should be looking at.
General Overview

General Overview - JVZoo Review

JVZoo is a member of the large powerhouse companies in the affiliate marketing world. It is comparable to ClickBank. A digital marketplace for affiliates and product vendors to find each other. Founded in 2011, it has grown to rival and challenge ClickBank in the marketplace.

JVZoo has over 200 categories or niches available on its platform. It offers a plethora of features for both the affiliate and the product vendor. I searched on Better Business Bureau to find a rating for JVZoo. Eventually, found a BBB Rating of 'C' based on a single complaint if the last 36 months, none in the last 12.

If you read my ClickBank Review, if you haven't why not - click here, you realize JVZoo is almost a clone. Similar layout to its older counterpart but with some different features. As with ClickBank, JVZoo acts as a broker between product buyer, affiliate and vendor.

The usual information is available to both the product buyer and the affiliate. Digital products separate into categories or niches, advertising eBooks, video courses and webinars. Commissions of up to 100% may be earned on some products. Plus two-tier affiliate programs are available, if you do not know what a two-tier program is - click here.

Vendor Support - JVZoo Review

JVZoo provides a significant list of features to their product vendors. All the features listed below would fall on the vendor to source and pay for. With JVZoo those expenses are not incurred, there is no need, JVZoo provides them for FREE. It provides the following:

Instant and Delayed Affiliate Payments

Stylish Button Creation

Digital Delivery and Protection

Lifetime Cookies

Instant Affiliate Program Setup

Tracking & Statistics

Seamlessly Integrated

Instant Sales Funnel Generator

Ad Manager Plugin/Widget

JV Profit Sharing

Instant List Building Technology

Payment Processors

One-Time or Recurring Payments With Trials

Industry Leading Support

Like ClickBank, there is seamless integration from the affiliate front-end to JVZoo's back-end. A customer may not know they are buying from the platform until they receive their email receipt. This raises a point that depends on an individual's point of view. 

Take Away:

  1. FREE for vendors
  2. JVZoo provides the vendor with many features, they would have to pay, for FREE.
  3. FREE is a common theme.
PAyPal Secondary Payer System

Product Buyer Support - JVZoo Review

Some consider it poor customer support whilst JVZoo (and affiliates) say it is a plus. The design of the payment system for JVZoo splits payment into sales and commissions at time of sale. This permits instant payment to everyone, great.

If there are returns then PayPal reverses the split and debits everyone's accounts. No problem so far. The issue concerns the product buyer support. JVZoo do not provide customer support for buyer issues with the product.

The plus as they see it for affiliates is that they do not need to deal with this issue either. Why? Because JVZoo's system makes the vendor be the customer support for the buyer. This is great for JVZoo and the affiliate but not so for the buyer and the vendor.

This has caused some issues for buyers who try to contact vendors because of issues. Unscrupulous vendors stone-wall and shut up shop. This leads to scam allegations against JVZoo.

Take Away:

  1. Deceitful vendors are responsible for refund issues in JVZoo.
  2. JVZoo uses PayPal's split payments to ensure immediate payment and refund.
New User Dashboard

Account Opening - JVZoo Review

Account opening on JVZoo is simple. Access the site and find the "Begin your journey here" button. Complete the registration process to open an account whether you want to be a vendor or an affiliate. It is possible to be both if you wish.

Again, like ClickBank, you have the option to be a vendor, affiliate or a customer on JVZoo. Customers are not required to open an account.

Fred expands his Empire

"The French Knot Scandal of 2015. One Man's Quest for Justice!" is selling well on ClickBank. Fred has decided that he is on to a winner and to go for broke. It is time to expand the sales territory and he has located his next marketplace, JVZoo. He has acquainted himself with the vendor benefits. Costing nothing to sell on the platform is another major benefit.

His and Donal's collaboration has been profitable for both men. So, once again he approaches his best friend to pitch the idea. Donal listens to Fred and expresses some doubt. JVZoo has had issues with product quality and buyer support issues. But he will investigate and get back to Fred.

Take Away:

  1. Account creation is simple and easy.
JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Products Example

Affiliates - JVZoo Review

Donal signs on to JVZoo as an affiliate. The website is pleasant looking and fast. The account opening process was easy-peasy and in no time he was nosing his way around the site. The main aim was to find the affiliate benefits on offer. This is what he found:

Free to Join and Promote Products

Earn up to 100% Instant Commissions

Searchable Affiliate Marketplace

One Affiliate Link For All Products in a Sales Funnel

Real Time Tracking of Your Traffic and Earning Statistics

Automatic Bonus Delivery

Two-Tier Affiliate Commissions Paid on Select Products

Instant Sale Notification

Global Vendor Cookies

No Customer Support

Personalize Webinar Intros

Holy Schmoly! Those features are pretty enticing. Right then, he decides that "Thunderbirds are go!" for JVZoo and Fred's book. During his voyage of discovery on the site he found the JVZoo Academy.

Take Away:

  1. Up to 100% commissions.
  2. Many affiliate features available.
API Integrations

JVZoo Academy

JVZoo Academy is a video training course (it is in production) to teach people how to make money using the site. It currently is in the pre-launch state (April 2019) and so has 3 pre-launch videos available by Sam Bakker. Sam Bakker is an internet marketing coach, trainer and speaker.

Another innovation from JVZoo was the automatic bonus delivery feature. Donal had a large subscriber list by this point. This feature allowed him to offer bonuses to them for JVZoo products. What was even better was there was a WordPress plugin that allowed him to do that.

In fact, Donal was very impressed with the range of integrations into other platforms. JVZoo had developed application programming interfaces (APIs) into a range of popular systems.

Global Vendor Cookies

Global Vendor Cookies was another major selling point. Promotion of a vendor ensures being cookied for life for all that vendor's products. Wow! The reporting and statistics dashboard was all inclusive. Real-time with the ability to create many tracking ids for the same product.

This permitted testing of different marketing strategies. Strategies that were not working could be halted early. Winning strategies allowed to run or to scale to larger advertising budgets. Donal had three or four new strategies he wanted to test, perfect.

Donal set about building a new site for Fred's book, as he wanted to try different themes. He carried out the usual techniques and tactics to get the site to where he wanted it to launch. He had created 4 tracking ids for Fred's book. Each id represented either a different type of Facebook Ad or advertising technique.

He interfaced the automatic bonus delivery feature into his other websites. In case he found some other products he wished to market from JVZoo. About this time a friend told him about JVNotifyPro.com - a community website for JVZoo people.

Here, he learned about the JVZoo product launch list and Top 25 product lists. The launch list allowed him to view what products were new to the platform and get on board early.

Take Away:

  1. Video training courses available through dedicated website.
  2. Vendor cookies for life! Global Vendor Cookies
JVZoo Launch List Example

Launch Jacking! - JVZoo Review

It was here he learned about launch jacking. This is a process where an affiliate get review access weeks in advance of a product release. They can write reviews ahead of time to rank on Google etc. These reviews are not always honest. They entice people to buy from them on release.

It is about making last profit from the initial launch. Personally, I don't like it. After all, a large amount of products sold are trash. With the buyer having to deal directly with the vendor on issues, this seems a dishonest strategy to me.

Here is a good article on the subject by Torsten Mueller. This is a good article explaining the process by a UK marketer named Neil. It is up to you to decide if this strategy is for you. Donal did not like the idea of jacking a launch.

Other Lists:

Other handy "Top Selling Product" lists available to the affiliates are:

  • Daily
  • From Previous Day
  • The Last Seven Days
  • Last Thirty Days

He picked out a few products that interested him from some other niches. A couple of Two-Tier program products that interested him and got them on to his other websites. Donal was pleasantly surprised by JVZoo.

Take Away:

  1. Launch jacking is a problem.
  2. Research and do more research on products and vendors.
Scam Alert

JVZoo Scams - JVZoo Review

JVZoo is not a scam! (In my humble opinion it isn't and maybe after reading this JVZoo Review you will think so too). The common complaint with any business that sells any product is quality control. You make the assumption that the manufacturer has pride in their products and brand. That they will quality control their products before they leave the factory.

This is not always the case, some countries may not enforce quality control standards. This permits shady manufacturers to cut corners in production to make a few extra bucks. If the workers are not well compensated for their work, they will have little pride in it.

So, they do not care about the quality of the product. Therefore, sub-standard products are boxed and shipped to retailers. Who sell a poor quality product in blissful ignorance to the public. Even when returned and a replacement issued, the buyer has the power to give a bad review. The bad review may lead to drop in sales.

Take Away:

  1. JVZoo is NOT a SCAM.
Dodgy Character

Scam #1 - Poor Quality Products

Poor quality products appear to be an issue for JVZoo. Their quality control is lacking. It is sub-standard for a large player in the digital marketplace. This is the biggest scam claim perpetuating in the community. It is possible that JVZoo do not care about this issue.

After all, they are making their percentage on each sale. But you would like to assume that they have pride in their business. I will give them the benefit of doubt and say they do care.

That leads me to think that their quality control team is too small for the high volume of new products. If this is the case, they need to address that issue before it becomes problematic for them. There are the usual issues:

  • Over-hyped claims from the product vendor.
  • Information may be substandard.
  • Writing is of poor quality.
  • Poor editing
  • Bad graphics

Verdict: Innocent

This brings us back to an issue I highlighted in the ClickBank review. An issue that applies to any affiliate marketing program. That is the affiliate must do their due diligence, before marketing the product.

If the claim is too good to be true then walk away. Read reviews from websites you trust. Look at vendor statistics relating to returns or refund ratios. Try to look out for your customer ahead of time.

Sure, there will always be someone who will not like even the best product. Like the time I sent back a free Ferrari because it was the wrong color, stupid Ferrari! You cannot make everyone happy but you can reduce the number of unhappy customers.

Blue Ferrari


Scam #2 - Buyer Products problems and Missing Vendors

We spoke about the feature/issue that the buyer must contact the vendor, for product problems. This leads to the missing vendor issue. Vendors who launch many products per year on the network. Once they have made money on a product, they abandon it.

In doing so, they abandon product support for the buyer. This leads to great frustration as the buyer contacts JVZoo. JVZoo tells the buyer, that the buyer must work with the vendor to resolve the issue. But the vendor has gone walkabout, leaving a very unhappy buyer.

To me, this ties in with the problem of quality control. JVZoo's lack of quality control permits this behavior from the vendor. Again though, the conscientious affiliate could help reduce this problem. By due their own quality checks ahead of time, they reduce the number of buyers exposed to these sellers.

My customers are important to me. Repeat business is important to me. Taking care of my customers is paramount. Buying a good quality product from my website or recommendation may make them a repeat customer. Steady repeat business is more important to me than the quick buck.

Verdict: Guilty (in the third degree)

Take Away:

  1. JVZoo is partially responsible for the Scam #2 allegations. They need a better quality control apparatus for evaluating vendors. May be they should withhold payments to vendors until they have received a number of positive sales.
  2. The affiliate is responsible for the quality of the product. Huh! You should purchase and use the product to see if you want to associate yourself with selling the product. If it is poor quality then do NOT recommend it to your audience. Protect your audience. 
Refund Issues

Mitigating Circumstance: Refunds

In JVZoo's defense, we already covered the refund procedure. But in this case it is an intangible that suffers. Goodwill or your brand, you may refund a customers money but it is difficult to get a refund on your reputation.

Avoid your customers getting scammed by doing your due diligence. We laid out some tips in the ClickBank Review, here they are in summary:

  • Buyer beware; do due diligence!!!
  • Review the vendor or their previous products on sites you trust.
  • See if they have a Better Business Bureau Rating.
  • Read one/two star comments on products they have sold.
  • Popular niches have more scam products than smaller ones.
  • Remember, negative comments are more likely to be left that positive ones.

The Skinny

JVZoo is not a scam. It is a relatively young player in the affiliate marketing world. But it is growing exponentially. It is an easy affordable (its free) marketplace for affiliates and product vendors.

If you are serious about this business then JVZoo is something to be added to your arsenal. Like ClickBank, JVZoo is a good compliment to Wealthy Affiliate. JVZoo can be a source for products Wealthy Affiliate marketers can use.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Take Away:

  1. On this site, we constantly impress upon our readers that detailed research and completing due diligence is paramount to protecting themselves and their audiences.
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