Wealthy Affiliate 2019 – What’s the Skinny?

Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019. Wealthy Affiliate is a highly recommended program. It provides an abundance of tools and training at a very reasonable price. They have their own hosting company. This will save you thousands of dollars in hosting fees alone. Read on ...


The Eye of Benjamin

Review of: Wealthy Affiliate

Use: Wealthy Affiliate is a Toolbox for Marketpreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate Infographic

We use the "paw" rating scheme, so a score of 28.4 out of a maximum 30 is a good score. Read on to see why Wealthy Affiliate is so good.

Making Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

In the world of affiliate marketing the more appropriate question is, what isn't Wealthy Affiliate? It is an affiliate marketpreneur's platform. A toolbox that offers quality education, software and lucrative affiliate commissions. There also is a fantastic interactive supportive community.

Over the rest of this article I will elaborate and dive into the categories in my score card. And explain why I am so positive on them. I have tried many programs to earn extra income. Trying to make a fortune from "No money down" schemes and the odd "get-rich-quick" wager. Always trying to generate something to supplement my paycheck-to-paycheck existence.

Finally, I got scammed where I lost a lot (I don't blame the other person, I take responsibility for not doing due diligence, as you should!), it wasn't the first scam but it was the last (I hope!). After all my failed attempts, finally a mechanism to generate a successful passive extra income. So, lets get into the nitty-gritty of the platform.

Let's play an extra income solutions game - the Wealthy Affiliate way:

In our parallel world, Fred works many hours each week in a prairie-dog farm. His lot in life is either stagnating or going backwards. He is part of a fading middle-class. Happening upon a YouTube video explaining affiliate marketing, he decides to give it a go. 

The video informed him that thousands of dollars can be made online. Having never ventured out of his comfort zone he makes a promise to himself to get out of the rat-race. 

The avenue he chooses is affiliate marketing. Fred will work through some basics needed to try to launch the business. He asks himself a series of questions to help start his business.

Learning Affiliate Marketing with wealthy Affiliate

Q1. Where do I learn about affiliate marketing?

Fred does not earn a great salary. His rent is high and he pays way too much for his car payment. Fred wants to learn about affiliate marketing using as little cash as possible. 

He starts by evaluating affiliate marketing educational programs from reading company reviews online. Some reviews mention programs that will teach how to make money online within weeks, however they cost $997.00 (the training is really worth $12,750, right!).

Others are on video course websites and offered at a reasonable price. Then, Fred finds companies like ClickBank, JVZoo and Wealth Affiliate etc.

After watching a swanky promotional video, Fred impulse buys. On his almost maxed out credit card he puts a "university" program. with a site builder, and some extra stuff that they kept adding on!

Does he need all this other stuff? After spending $800 on his credit card, Fred jumps into training. The training videos are anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes long, most are on the short side.

Wealthy Affiliate is free? 

It is difficult to stay engaged because the videos are short. Frustration sets in and Fred decides to also join Wealthy Affiliate, after all its free for 7 days. 

Fred has tied down two opportunities to learn about affiliate marketing. A free 7-day trial with WA and a more expensive option with another company (we'll call it XYZ LLC).

Take Away:

  1. Do your due diligence to avoid getting scammed.
  2. There are many costly courses out there that promise a lot and deliver little.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate gives you two free websites and is free to join!
Spidey reading about Wealthy Affiliate

Q2 How good is this affiliate marketing training?

As mentioned earlier, XYZ LLC's training videos are short. There is usually something called a PDF file with them. These PDF's are 1 to 2 pages long and Fred is printing them off on his printer. This is costing a lot in ink.

XYZ explains that Fred can either be a vendor or an affiliate. A vendor sells their own skills. An affiliate sells something belong to someone else on their behalf. Kind of like a salesman at a car dealership, working on commission. 

Great! The video explains that Fred needs a niche and then sell in that niche. He needs a niche, a website and an audience to sell to. Right how hard can that be. Fred works in bookkeeping and that's more difficult. No problem! 

Finding your Niche

Niche! The guy on the video keeps mispronouncing the word. It is driving Fred insane. He settles on an embroidery niche, he is good with his hands.

The website builder application cost $640. Fred owns it for life and there are some videos on how to build a website using it. He follows the instructions and builds a "cheesy" website - not bad for his first attempt. 

Fantastic he has a website, now what? The next video tells him, he needs a domain name to go with your niche and a web hosting company to host you website. On we go!

Take Away:

  1. Affiliate Marketing can be a lucrative business and also costly.
  2. Niches are extremely important, find yours.
  3. You need a website or similar media.
Wealthy affiliate Web-hosting

Q3 How do I get my domain name and web-hosting?

Up to this point in our story, Fred's focus has been on the expensive course. He purchased it and got all it's additional features. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is in the back of you mind because after all, XYZ LLC must be better, it cost a lot and it had no free trial. 

To get his domain name Fred goes to a well-advertised company. It offers him the opportunity to search for his domain name. The domain name, he purchases and registers for $3.99.

He can register for up to 5 years and set to auto-renew, perfect! Now, they suggest the website get privacy protection, free for 1 year (auto-renews at $6 per year). Okay, domain check, now to get web hosting.

He buys a web hosting package - only $2.97 per month for the 1st year, $7.29 when it renews. Access to his hosting area is via cPanel, a Linux application for managing websites.

Technical Difficulties 

Unsure, how to get my website up onto the inter-web he contacts customer support via online chat. They tell him that it will cost to have a technician upload the site.

Declining, off to Professor Google he proceeds to learn cPanel. Many hours later, the website gets published. Wait, it is an HTML website and difficult for Fred to maintain. Plus he hasn't worked out how to set it up for receiving payments.

A couple of days later, a phone call from my web hosting company. A nice young man sells Fred on security for my site using SSL certificates. "SSL, what?" Fred thinks to himself, but he is too embarrassed to tell the young man he does not know what he is talking about.

The Nice Young Man 

Then the "nice young man" recommends a backup package for the website. Also if Fred needs extra email accounts that's an another package and payment. After paying for all the extras on my credit card, the conversation continues.

The sales guy tells Fred that WordPress is must easier to work with for beginners. He should switch to that and it is free with the hosting package!

WordPress is much easier that writing HTML. The "nice" young man was right about how easy it was to build the website. Pick a nice theme and with some free plugins the site is set up.

You Need WordPress Young Padawan

The hosting company calls and tells Fred that his hosting package is under powered. It not suited to a WordPress site. The performance needed to run a WordPress site is available. But it is in a more expensive hosting package. Fred succumbs and buys the newer more powerful package, oh! and premium DNS, its better than regular DNS! 

About this time, the hosting package has now run his credit card up to implosion - imminent! Worrying how he is going to repay it and still not with an operational website, despair and apathy starts to set in.

Every time, Fred watches a training video or spends a long time working with the website, more frustration and fear mounts.

Take Away:

  1. Must-haves are a domain, web-hosting and a wordpress website.
  2. Web-hosting addons are numerous and expensive.
Wealthy Affiliate is the Better Way

Q4 There must be a better way?

One morning, the final straw came when checking his bank accounts. His credit card balance was beyond my limit. WTF?

​There are two new charges, XYZ have taken their second payment for the website builder. and then charged my $49 for the continued use of the university course. Huh? Fred thought he bought that outright in the multitude of addons they sold him.

​One phone call with their customer service and he finds out he was wrong. At this point, frustration and despondency set in, this was a failed attempt to make money online. This was going to end up costing him money with no return to date.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Way

Google returned immediate results to his query. "Is XYZ the best affiliate marketing company?" That's where he saw a familiar name coming up again and again. The name was Wealthy Affiliate.

​It was topping all the review sites as being the "Number One" affiliate marketing company. The 7-day trial had expired so he used other email accounts to sign up again.

​This time he actually read through the sign up material that he received in his email. Mooching around the site revealed a lot. There was a quite comprehensive suite of tools that were available (in restriction) to him. Even though he was on trial he got benefits.

​Premium members got even more benefits. It was what he read next that propelled him to forgo the 7-day trial. He bought a premium membership immediately!

Take Away:

  1. The web-hosting addons, such as email, security, backups and speed optimization is FREE with Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. For $49 per month, you can host (with all of the addons) 25 custom domains & 25 free domains with Wealthy Affiliate. That's 50 domains!
Wealthy Affiliate Membership has benefits

Q5 What is available to Wealthy Affiliate members? Lots!

What did he read? With premium membership, Fred received hosting for 25 you domain specific websites. Oh! and also 25 free websites. So what you ask?

For $49 per month membership, Fred can host 50 websites. With unlimited email accounts and with security (SSLs). Free daily website backups, all on WordPress and a host of other tools.

Thinking about, and Fred did, all the money he was spending with the hosting company. Immediately checking the terms and conditions for the web hosting company. He found he was still within the 30-day full refund window. 

Online Chat Fun

He had waited in the customer support online chat of the hosting company for 2 hours. Waiting to cancel his products with them and get refunds. After two hours his customer service representative says they cannot process a refund. Why? 

Because there had been an upgrade on his account. (Remember when they told Fred his plan was too under powered for a wordpress site. They said he needed to upgrade.) 

Asking to chat with their supervisor Fred was re-routed. He spent 30 minutes waiting for the supervisor to respond. When he did, he told the same story as the rep. 


Furious was one way to describe Fred's mood. He placed a call to the company's telephone customer service department. He explained his position to the customer service lady. 

She responded "No problem!" and went ahead and canceled everything. Over $600 refunded to Fred. He transferred his websites over to WA's technology department. SiteRubix got his websites up and running quick fast and in a hurry.

Take Away:

  1. The web-hosting alone at Wealthy Affiliate will save your hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year (depending on how many sites you own). 
Wealthy Affiliate Web Servers

Q6 What is in the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform?

So there are number of applications available to the WA free and premium members, they all begin with "Site" and they are:

  • Domains: an application that allows the user to find, register and manage domains.
  • Builder: an application that makes building word press websites a doodle.
  • Manager: an application that permits you to centrally control all of you websites, email accounts, passwords etc.
  • Content: an application for writing you content, it completes grammar, spelling checks and permits publishing to you site.
  • Comments: an application permitting other members to provide critique on you pages and posts.
  • Feedback: an application that permits users to comment on you website design etc.
  • Support: an application that allows the user to open a support ticket with WA's 25 member strong tech support time (24x7).

Impressive number of tools in your hosting platform toolbox! Each of the applications are well-developed and professional in what they can do. Sure there are some small additions or improvements that could be made here and there. But, it is still very comprehensive. 

The responsiveness of the websites are lightning fast. There is proprietary software installed free-of-charge that makes your wordpress site faster.

Take Away:

  1. Re-read this section and then total up how much these services would cost you at your web-hosting company.
Supporting each other

Q7 What about the support for Wealthy Affiliate customers?

Tech Support: The tech support team is, as stated previously, 25 persons strong. They are available 24 x 7 and respond very quickly to any support ticket you open up. The tech support is most definitely 5-paw worthy! 

Founder Support: The founders, Kyle and Carson, and Ambassadors (active, helpful participants of the community) are available to help answer customer questions. Fred received emails from both Kyle and Carson answering questions for him personally. Never received an email from Bill Gates, no matter how many times Fred emailed Microsoft about operating system problems.

Affiliate Marketing Community Support: There are a number of classrooms open to the members to ask questions of the community, the ambassadors and the founders depending on what area of the business you question relates to. Need to get your email client connecting to your WA email, no problem just ask in the "Getting Started" classroom. The other classrooms available are:

  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Getting Started
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Everything WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

Live Chat: An internal messenger application that permits people logged on to the website to communicate with others. This is another great way of getting immediate answers if there is someone online who may know the answer.

Take Away:

  1. Incredibly active user & owner support base is included in your monthly fee.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Wealthy Affiliate launches new Affiliate Search Program

Newsflash - Wealthy Affiliate launches new Affiliate Program Search Tool!

That's right folks. The guys at Wealthy Affiliate have gone and done it again, revolutionizing affiliate marketing. WA have just launched the new, Affiliate Programs Search tool.

Previously, finding good affiliate programs was chore of scouring the net looking for worthwhile programs. WA have now put them at your finger-tips. Premium members can now:

Can search one of the largest Affiliate Program databases in the world.

Filter by country, rating, category, commission and more.

Join programs members are interested in.

Follow programs.

Centralized management of your programs and campaigns.

Rate programs and discuss with other members.

transparency between affiliate and merchant.

This platform has been 2 years in development. But, evolution is not going to stop there. There are 18 months worth of developments/features already planned. Going forward WA will be your one-stop shop.

Wow! they just keep delivering.

Getting in the Training

Q8 Great, but what about Wealthy Affiliate training?

There are two different courses open to members, much like XYZ, you can choose to complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Bootcamp certification. What's the difference? 

Online Entrepreneur Certification: This is a 5 level, 10 modules per level, certification training to enable a new user to progress from learning about websites and wordpress, to building you first site, adding wordpress plugins, editing you site, getting traffic, making money online, using social engagement before finally completing level 5 "Achieving maximum success through content creation." This is a complete training package to teach you how to create you own digital product, market it and ultimately, earn an income from it.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Certification: This is a 7-level, 10 modules per level, certification training to enable a user to market Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program as their "product." You will learn many of the same things as in the online certificate except this is focused on one of the most lucrative affiliate commission programs on the web.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Details


Promotion: See Below for my Free Bonuses for you!

Interested to see how much this may translate to in the real world, just look at the example figure below.

Income Examples

Now, that is incredible! 

Live Events: There is more, they are nothing if not thorough, at least once per week there is a live webinar training on some aspect of the business, for example "Google Analytics and how to use them". Every week, one of the founders or the ambassadors gets online and presents a lesson.

These are gems packed full of information from people who are earning their full-time living from affiliate marketing. They earn passive income and can live the life they want to live. Not paycheck-to-paycheck, more like exotic holiday destination to exotic holiday destination. Hell, if I could go on one exotic holiday every two years I'd be in bliss!

Take Away:

  1. Two separate training courses depending on what you promote.
  2. Numerous classrooms to learn all aspects of the business.
  3. Weekly live training webinars.
  4. Top affiliates get a weekend in Las Vegas.
PT Barnum & Circus

Q9 Okay PT Barnum, is there anything else offered?

What!? Everything else above is not enough? There is the research application that you are given access to. This research application is Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an advanced affiliate marketer's keyword and research platform that was designed by other affiliate marketers to provide an efficient way to research the lifeblood of free traffic, Search Engine Optimization, for you website. The application is priceless and has many internal tools to make you life much easier. There are:

Site Rank: Track Historical Rankings. Monitor Your Website Authority.
My Keyword Lists:
 Create and Manage powerful lists of keywords.
Search Analysis:
 Analyze you competition, discover SEO trends.
Alphabet Soup:
 Uncover millions of niches and keywords.
Brainstorm HQ:
 Find trending, popular & lucrative ideas.
Affiliate Programs:
 Search & find relevant affiliate programs in you niche.
Niche Keyword Lists:
Exclusive to WA Premium Members, Niche Keyword Lists.

Take Away:

  1. FREE Jaaxy Lite account for premium members.
To be or not to be

Q10 STOP! The only question that is let to be asked is this, "If you are determined to make extra money or an income online, WHY haven't you already clicked on the links for a free 7-day trial???

Click here NOW to get you free membership trial!

Claim your Free Bonuses by Clicking on the Link Above!!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses

In within the first 7 Days of your FREE TRIAL, you decide to become a PREMIUM MEMBER! I am going to heap some BONUSES on you. This will include a 59% DISCOUNT on your first month of Premium Membership. When you sign up, I will be personally sending you a "Welcome Message." However, this will be NO ORDINARY welcome message, it will contain a number of FREE BONUSES for you to take advantage of to get your business rocking. Believe me, this is one message you will be glad to receive.

DON"T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE and wait nearly 10 years before deciding to join this exciting community and start building the financial freedom to live the life of my dreams!

Take Away:

  1. If you are NOT ready to commit to the business then DO NOT!
  2. If you cannot afford the monthly fee then take advantage of the FREE Trial. Then save up $350, to pay for a full year of premium membership.

The Skinny:

So that's the review, yes there are things that could be improved or added to the platform but, to be honest, they are small in the grand scheme of what the company provides.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a vast array of productivity tools and training to help the affiliate to build their website, traffic, business and eventually profits.

As I have stated, the hosting package alone was worth the $49 per month for me, imagine how happy I was when I got all the other benefits of premium membership as well (the tools, the training, the community and the networking).

So, come on board and take positive concrete steps towards building your own passive income online affiliate marketing business.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Many Blessing to you,


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