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My journey through life living from one payday to the next. No savings, no vacations, just wasting money and not looking after my future. Until finally, realizing that the problem was me and that I needed to change and work hard to generate an extra income to help me break the cycle ...


The Eye of Benjamin

Welcome to Opportunity | Extra Income Results [Guide]

Great! you found the site. However, now you must do a bit of reading, a little research and maybe make the same decision I did. After that, invest a little money, a lot of time and sweat to start generating extra income online.

To achieve this goal we want to build a passive income stream, not just one but many streams all feeding into our river. Our extra income river. Let's introduce the greatest online affiliate marketing program. The best on the internet as far as I am concerned.

Passive Income from Oil Royalties

Define Passive Income (an Extra Income Solution):

Wikipedia defines it as follows: "Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it." In summary, it is regular residual income generated with as little work as possible by the recipient. Because it might not be an easy concept to grasp, let's think of oil royalties.

For example, an individual owns a piece of land that has oil under it. Therefore, an oil company leases the rights to that oil from the land owner (or mineral rights owner to be correct). Here the oil company pays the owner a royalty check every month (or year) because it wants to retrieve the oil under their property. In other words, the landowner doesn't need to work for that money, it is passive income.

In short, this is what affiliate marketing is all about, building a business that will require minimal input from you but earn you an income every month. The amount earned depends on a number of factors but it maybe enough for you to be financially independent and live the life of your dreams.

Take Away:

  1. Passive income is great to have but can be difficult to earn.
  2. Affiliate Marketing is a low-cost entry method into earning extra income.
Stop - Do not proceed

Do Not Enter! Affiliate Marketing is Hard Work

If you are afraid of hard work then go no further. Earning an extra income online is not easy.

STOP! Before you go any further. Think long and hard before you decide to read on. It is not an "I'll be a millionaire in 10 days" con or anything else like that. We are not peddling some get rich quick scheme.

This is about hard work, dedication and making mistakes. It is about learning from those mistakes and listening to people who are already making money on the net. Implementing what they suggest using the best affiliate marketing program software portal online.

It will help propel you towards making that extra $100 per month, then $500 and more!

Take Away:

  1. Believing the gurus will not fulfill you.
  2. This is a tough business requiring hard work. It can be very lucrative but it is NOT easy.

Living paycheck to paycheck:

I am one of the 95% of the people on earth. I was born to a lower middle-class or upper lower-class family. My parents worked hard to raise a family and we never wanted but we never had extra either.

Like most kids in that kind of environment you want to make sure that you get rich and wealthy when you grow up. You never want to scrape along with enough. You want to have that security of money in the bank and never wanting for anything. 

So, I worked me way up through jobs, moving from job to job, from city to city and country to country. I ended up in my late twenties in the USA making very high 5 figures, touching 6 figures from time to time.

Take Away:

  1. I live paycheck-to-paycheck and through hard work I will succeed and earn my extra income results.
Unforgivable Waste

Unfulfilled and Wasteful:

But I was not happy with that, I wanted more. I fell into the late night infomercial hell. I tried all those "No money down" real estate programs and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" stuff. Even some early internet marketing courses. None of them worked!

Some because they can't work, they are scams. Others because I got boarded, no instant gratification, and gave up. I pissed away money trying to get rich. You see, I never knew the value of the money (I should have but I didn't) and so I wasted it on stupid crap.

Life then threw me the inevitable curve balls. I ended up living in a single room in small town USA earning $250 per week with room and board.

Take Away:

  1. I was profligate with money I earned and take responsibility for this. I do not blame anyone else for where I am financially.
Depressed due to being broke

Depression: In need of extra income.

This was the one of the lowest points in my life. To be honest, mentally I wasn't in a good place. I had lost the love of my life, she had left me, I had wasted my savings on frivolous crap and I had given up a high paying job. 

Here I was earning a whooping $1000 per month and working my ass off for it. It was at this point I finally learned the lesson I guess I should have a long time before, to stop wasting money.

Take Away:

  1. Depression is a horrible disease.
Snake Oil Bottle Label

Snake-oil Salesman Story:

Fantastic, I hear you say, another of these internet stories, the rags-to-riches kind. Nope, I left the small town and joined the military in my late thirties. 11B was my MOS, an infantry soldier. Off to Fort Benning I went, nearly twice the age of some of my battle buddies. I served a combat tour in Iraq, came home and finished up my active duty contract. Before leaving the military I decided to go back to college.

Missed Opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate:

I found an online affiliate marketing company called Wealthy Affiliate during my service. I signed up and read some emails. To be honest I thought it was like one of those MLM businesses. One where I would have to go out and recruit people. That was something I did not want to do. 

So I unsubscribed and never did anything more. I did not spent time reading the site or the emails. Opportunity had slipped through my fingers.

Take Away:

  1. Miss the Army.
  2. I missed Wealthy Affiliate, the first time round.
Mudding Army Style

Finally a chance at earning extra income.

Fast-forward a few years and a graduate degree is in the works. Still living paycheck to paycheck though. Something had to give, a decision made, I wished to stop the repeating pattern in my life around money.

I entered the military in my thirties. It was then I learned discipline. Dedication to completing a goal no matter how tough. Anyone who has gone to infantry basic training or boot camp knows what I am talking about.

It was this training I turned to. I was always stubborn. Laziness is a form of stubborn, right? It was always easier to give up on something than to follow through. Fort Benning cured me of that.

To break the cycle, I was going to earn extra income. It was that training and the beliefs it installed that pushed me into action.

Take Away:

  1. Discipline and believe instilled during my military service will help me to succeed in my goals.
Firework Circle

Coming Full Circle:

The irony, it was Wealthy Affiliate I returned to. All those years ago, I had turned down the opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate. It was this or I would have to do that, the usual excuses. 

Now I had come full circle. After many online "get-rich in 10 minutes" blah blah schemes I was back to the this one program. It had said all along - making money online is not easy.

Hard work, dedication, a single-minded doggedness and determination are necessary requirements. But, it also takes great mentors and a supportive community of peers. Technical support and a great software platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me all the tools and support network I need. The military gave me the mental fortitude and belief to complete any task.

So I started my journey to finally break free of my financial burdens. I know I do not need to be filthy rich to be wealthy. A little extra income on the side can be enough to lift me out of that merry-go-round and give me the peace of mind I desire.

Do you want to come along on the affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate?

Take Away:

  1.  Wealthy Affiliate is my avenue to financial freedom.
The Mission - Extra Income

Your Mission?

If you choose you accept it, is join wealthy affiliate for 7 days. The cost? Zero dollars! What will you get, free training, 2 free websites and a supportive community. Two great mentors in Kyle and Carson (the founders). An opportunity to change your financial future through this magnificent program.

Many Blessings to you!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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  • Jagi Egnell says:

    I have always been interested in creating passive income. You have outlined that very well in your post.

    I have some young children in my home who I wish would start getting interested in this sort of thing.

    As of yet, they have no interest in it at all. The passive income well seems to be very deep. I know a lot of people are online creating residual income on a month-to-month basis. I hope to be able to join those people very soon.

    • Sean Murphy says:

      Hi Jagi,
      Indeed the well is deep. Over the coming months I will be adding posts on different categories of passive income and hopefully breaking down the most interesting and profitable methods. I hope that you will stay tuned. As for your kids, you could have them save a small amount of their pocket money and squirrel that away in some of the programs I will introduce you to.
      Thank you for your comment.

  • I think this might be the best review I’ve read yet, like you I also come from the “middle class” I guess living pay check to pay check, never anything left over.
    I also went through bouts of depression and anxiety, I commend your determination and commitment to go in the military and then finish school. That’s quite an accomplishment in itself!
    I’ve gone through so many get rich scheme’s it’s really quite sad, until I found wealthy affiliate…I am not rich ….yet.
    I am a stay at home Mom of three young children, I live on an Island that is quite isolated and jobs are scarce. So the opportunity to learn and build a website with the step by step free training was a gift sent from above.
    I am starting to see some results from all my hard work and dedication and I would recommend this company to anyone who can relate to this article

    • Sean Murphy says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for your kind words. It has been a journey, sometimes good, sometimes with a lot of seasickness. It is inspiring to hear that even though geographically you may be isolated from direct opportunity, you are trying to build wealth indirectly. That’s splendid. I am a bit fat so I need to start a diet. I will jump on your website tomorrow and have a mooch around.
      Thank you for your comment,

  • Ann says:

    This is a great testimonial that mirrors my own! I too returned to wealthy affiliate after many years and there are hoards of us. What that proves it that there is very little in the way of legitimate and fulfilling opportunities to build sustainable long term business with training. I would encourage anybody to take a serious look at the opportunity and grab it!

    • Sean Murphy says:

      Hi Ann,
      Ah hindsight is twenty twenty. If I gotten into WA back when I first found it I would possibly be in a lot better financial situation. But these are cards I was dealt so I will play the hand. Hopefully, I’ll draw to a full boat. Best of luck with your business.

  • Thabo Khoza says:

    What a compelling story of your commitment to a goal.
    I share a similar story with wealthy affiliate and I can say that the second time I got into it I decided that I am not leaving it this time no matter, until I reach my destination.
    I have not reached my goal yet but I am striving towards it hard with this supportive community.

    • Sean Murphy says:

      Hi Thabo,
      That’s fantastic, single minded doggedness is what is needed to succeed at just about anything in life I believe. I hope that you succeed with this fantastic program.
      Thank you for your comment.

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